Building Bridges

With four generations actively involved in our organizations, there is tension and divide in the different values, perspectives, and expectations of Baby Boomers, X’ers, Millennials, and Gen Z.  These differences become easier to latch onto than the similarities of workplace culture, technical skills, and goals of the team, group, and organization. There are patterns [...]

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R-E-S-P-E-C-T! Otis Redding pinned the song in 1965 and Aretha Franklin made it famous in 1967. Every generation still sings about respect. Attorneys pay particular attention to this word especially when it comes to their compensation. Respect = Compensation = Respect Compensation systems play a significant role in influencing a law firm’s culture. The [...]

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Full Body Gratitude

Gratitude feels good.  Not only to give but also to receive. Studies have shown that people who feel appreciated are happier, more satisfied with their work, and more productive. In addition, grateful people are measurably happier and healthier than ungrateful ones. It makes sense that the more opportunities we take to express our gratitude, [...]

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Metric Muscles

Transitioning from the legal practitioner to the business owner is no easy feat. Combine this with our reliance on technology for data collection and output (i.e., billing and collection, bill paying) and it is easy to overlook some key metrics that guide the health of your firm. 1. Accounts Receivable. Knowing the amounts clients [...]

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New Year, New You?? (Insert Massive Eye Roll)

Even in the best of years most new year’s resolutions fail. We start the year with grand visions and loads of motivation, flowing with the fresh energy that a new year brings. That energy typically wanes about mid-month and is completely discarded by February.  However, this year I think we can all agree, is [...]

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Influence Your State of Mind (Lean Toward Gratitude)

What if you could discover your state of you mind without over-thinking it? How, you may ask?  Tune in to the quality of your breath. Is it short and shallow?  Audible?  Do you heavy sigh throughout the day?  Is your breath ragged and tight?  Or, slow and steady? I’m guessing you can surmise what [...]

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Leader as Coach

Daniel Goleman introduced his six different leadership styles back in 2000. The introduction of coaching as a leadership style was revolutionary at the time, and now 20 years later, we know it is a differentiator in retention and engagement. Of course, retention + engagement = productivity, so many ears perk up when we discuss [...]

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