Recently I enjoyed listening to David and Jonah Stillman on how the Gen Z workforce will contribute to the organizations they work for. The conversation of any generations habits starts with the monumental events of their youth. Significant events like 9/11, Challenger explosion, Pearl Harbor, assassination of Kennedy, are all examples of these events, and [...]

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Being Youthanized

Welcome to another year of discussion and confusion about managing a workforce comprised of more generations. Each generation next will be different than the one before.  Our job as leaders is to adapt while focusing on the future of our organizations. Where do we start? We are officially calling this youngest generation ‘Z’ and we [...]

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Gratitude: A Full Body Practice — Even (Especially) When You’re Tired

You've likely heard by now that giving thanks is a good thing, with many benefits.  PLUS, we're in the season of thanksgiving, so there's no better time than now to adopt an "attitude of gratitude". Easy to say, and what if you're tired - not only physically, but mentally?  Fed up with all of the [...]

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Fourth and 51

In the spirit of football season, I'm looking at the rest of this year as a fourth down opportunity. If you were watching a game and the team had 4th down and 51 yards to go, what would you recommend? Most definitely a kick, right? Yup, me too. We have 51 business days left (as [...]

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Leading Inclusion Requires Inclusive Leaders

I’m attending the ALA Annual Conference in National Harbor, the first time I have been in ‘attendee only’ mode after years of delivering content in sessions or participating as an ALA volunteer. As soon as I had mentioned that to a colleague my phone rang and I’m discussing the family emergency of the David Brezina [...]

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Being a Confident Managing Partner

Gaining confidence as a managing partner comes with experience.  And if you are new to this role, you probably want to be the best you can be – right now.  Good news!  Allowing your confidence to shine through involves more than experience.  There are strategies you can employ immediately to appear more confident, even as [...]

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Punished for Performing

Working for over 30 years with a variety of organizations has revealed to me that most people show up to their job every day with a desire to do their very best, and to contribute to the organization they call “home”. Few people spend their lives trying to do their worst, only to reap the [...]

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Our first awareness of intelligence comes during the schooling process where our intelligence is graded over and over.  Our minds develop technical skills, which we hone with advanced education and rely on as we secure our first jobs, and advance through our career. This time of year, I’m often flooded with conversations about how so-and-so [...]

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Killing Your Culture (with Kindness)

Culture is that thing growing in your petri dish, aka your organization, whether or not you are investing in it. We measure culture at the organization level, looking at the top leaders to shape and drive the values that are desired for success. Recently there has been much more attention at developing values and strategic [...]

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