Are you ready to elevate your skills? Are you interested in improving your firm’s bottom line? Organizations with great leaders benefit:

  • Higher profits
  • Lower turnover
  • Higher levels of engagement

Nesso Strategies has been developing leaders for more than 20 years.  Our focus is on the expansion of human potential, both in and out of the workplace.  With our knowledge of leadership and curiosity about people we design programs to improve internal interactions, create new organizational structures and develop synergy in teams and client relationships.

Our Process:

  • Analyze your organization or team, gathering information to create the best program for the outcome you desire.
  • Collaborate with you to quantify goals for the program.
  • Measure results after completion.
  • Structure our programs to your audience, and bring humor along with learning to anchor insights for positive impact for both the individual and the organization.

Places We Excel:

  • Improving efficiencies and effectiveness.
  • Strategic planning.
  • Leadership development.
  • Team growth.
  • Change management and innovation.
  • Culture and values.
  • Communication and conflict skills.
  • Feedback and feedforward.
  • Coaching skills.

We are licensed providers of the Personal Strengths© suite of emotional intelligence tools, and the TILT365 tool, so we bring the right tool to get your people out of their seats while learning more about themselves and their colleagues. Developing new ways to engage each other, building trust and vulnerability, and setting goals for accountable progress highlight the return on your investment.

Our dynamic facilitation skills begin with the planning stage for your training or offsite meeting. Whether you are looking for an educational and interactive event or a social and light-hearted retreat, we can help.

Using Relationship Awareness® tools, we facilitate experiential learning with the Strength Deployment Inventory (SDI)®.

The SDI is a tool which improves communication skills through individual learning about internal motivations and external behaviors. The exercises are developed to create growth and exploration in a positive and playful environment.

If conflict management is your goal, we implement the Portrait of Personal Strengths® and the Portrait of Overdone Strengths® as modalities to facilitate discussion and awareness of how conflict happens, and the ways it can be resolved and eventually avoided.

Once your organization has invested in the communication and conflict management skills process, teambuilding programs become a natural extension. Using the TILT365, we grow character-driven teams with specific goals and individual coaching to supplement the shift in effectiveness of your people.

Experiential programs customized to your challenges create unique opportunities to develop cohesion in work teams before conflict can arise.

We also provide 360° Feedback and Expectation assessments for individuals, teams, and organizations. We bring the tool appropriate to your organization.

Putting together a new team? 

Use the Expectation assessment to develop specific strengths for the group.

Looking for an evaluation tool that is positive and forward focused?

Our tools are focused on providing information to feedforward results. Consider feedback as an honest and productive evaluative process which harmonizes working relationships, and expands potential.

And, as an additional component, you may add individual or team coaching, which focuses on productivity through collaboration.

After you experience our facilitation of the Relationship Awareness® tools, you’ll understand how our unique perspective combines with a powerful communication process to improve relationships, increase productivity, advance customer service, and raise morale.

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I attended a training session where you had us write on three cards, three goals and you mailed them to us one per month.  One of mine was to stop thinking so much about saying the perfect words because by the time I think it out in my head, the moment has passed and the people at the table are talking about something else and I miss my chance to share my insight.  I have been so much better about speaking up and not planning out my words.  Thank you for bringing me that level of confidence.  You truly make an impact in my life.

E. Christman