Conflict Debt

Think about the number of issues that should have been addressed but instead are undiscussed and unresolved. How much time do you invest in talking with like-minded people about the issue? How much time do you spend dancing around the top of the issue, keeping it surface-level and safe? That's the beginning of your [...]

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Destination Dis-ease

When did completing tasks and projects become the obsession for success? We make to-do lists of things already completed for the satisfaction of crossing them off. We delve into puzzles and report our success across social media. I think we have gotten uncomfortable with ourselves, and instead rely on these destinations to feed and [...]

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Being Me

"It’s not who you are that holds you back, it’s who you think you’re not." —Eric Thomas Completing my annual releasing ritual (aka cleaning my office), I came across this quote which must have grabbed me when I read it because I kept it. The small ripped section of a page had just as [...]

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Spending or Investing?

When did paying the piper become a better investment than paying attention? A recent client discussion about the significance of leadership development, particularly emotional intelligence among the partners, and the frustration that getting the time invested to elevate the firm was elusive. A separate event occurred where a client email miscommunication turned into a [...]

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Who’s the Thief?

If your accounting manager was shaving money off into their own account each month - would you terminate immediately upon discovery? If your receptionist was taking home firm silverware every day and not returning it - would you terminate immediately upon discovery? If your project has a team member that has checked out of [...]

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Rewarding Busy

I’ve talked about the downside of using “busy” as your answer to “how are you?”. The vague answer implies that whatever you are doing is more important than the person who is engaging you.  And it has become a badge of honor to “be busy”. In reality, we are creating a stronger sense of [...]

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Disconnecting Productivity from Paranoia

It has been three years now. Three years ago we started this rethinking where we work, and how productivity is beyond a single shared space. We are still adapting, and many of us struggling with not seeing colleagues, missing ad hoc conversations that were both bonding and learning opportunities, and general feelings of loneliness [...]

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Change Champions

Here we are, once again, talking about change. Not the quarters and dimes in your (virtual) pockets, but the very real and necessary progression for internal processes, performance, and people. We look for early adopters to help catapult the rest of our folks forward, and I wonder if we rely on the same people [...]

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Finding Happiness

In 1998 the psychology world began exploring what it would mean to have a fulfilling life after many years of focus on unhappiness and mental unwell-being. By the year 2000 more than 400 articles had been published on happiness, and how to achieve it. Most of those were focused on what to do to have the [...]

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