Meeting Mania

According to Harvard Business Review the average workday increased about 8% in the pandemic, or about 50 minutes per day. Emails were up about 5% per day and people had about 13% more meetings each day (although each meeting shortened by 12%). I enjoy exploring our world of work through the data we gather about our [...]

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Training Wheels

I don't remember how I learned to ride a bike. I do remember, ever so clearly, the day I decided I didn't need training wheels. It was right foot on the bumper of my dad's truck, left foot on the bumper of my mom's car, and a push off both. Bike went forward, Judy went [...]

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I love the Ratatouille movie. It’s the story of food, following your dreams, and enjoying the adventures. Remy, the star (and a rat) of the movie, pursues his dream of being a chef, which you might imagine is rough for a rodent. Have you felt that bumpy path to success? It’s US Thanksgiving week, [...]

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I was attending the ALA's Annual Conference a few weeks back which led me into a week-long volleyball tournament. Listening to Rick Rigsby inspired me in all the right ways to begin anew, in this time and space, even as strange as it is at times. He grabbed my attention with this quote: "Champions are champions [...]

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I have an aversion to the sound of a vacuum cleaner. It goes back as far as I can remember, and my physical response is the same as nails on a chalkboard - goosebumps all over my body along with chills and shivers. I was enduring Roomba (my robot vacuum) last week, thinking about [...]

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Playing to Win or Playing Not to Lose

Playing to win is not the same as playing not to lose.  The Olympics are my favorite season, particularly the summer games. A time when the world gathers in alignment to cheer and celebrate incredible athleticism and the human condition. I will watch any sport, sometimes knowing them pretty well, other times learning a [...]

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