Our first awareness of intelligence comes during the schooling process where our intelligence is graded over and over.  Our minds develop technical skills, which we hone with advanced education and rely on as we secure our first jobs, and advance through our career. This time of year, I’m often flooded with conversations about how so-and-so [...]

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Killing Your Culture (with Kindness)

Culture is that thing growing in your petri dish, aka your organization, whether or not you are investing in it. We measure culture at the organization level, looking at the top leaders to shape and drive the values that are desired for success. Recently there has been much more attention at developing values and strategic [...]

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I’m on Your Side

Take a moment and imagine... You dropped the ball. Can't remember the critical opening line of your speech or presentation. You hit reply all. Forgot that one critical piece of information. Failed to plan ahead, or see the entire picture. Imagine if you will, that giant mistake. If you're anything like me, when the realization [...]

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Thanks Giving

As we turn the calendar to November (and ever closer to year's end), here in America, thoughts turn to Thanksgiving.  The "official" time for gratitude. However, thanks-giving can be much more than a once a year holiday.  Feeling thankful can be developed into a daily practice.  Not only because it's good for you - science [...]

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Cultivating a Culture of Belonging

“Much of what human beings do is done in the service of belongingness.” Fresh out of grad school, I worked with a wise career coach who encouraged me to answer three key questions for every job opportunity I pursued. These questions included: 1) can I do the job; 2) will I do the job; and, [...]

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Career Mapping – for the Individual and the Organization

What is career mapping?   Career mapping is a colorful way of graphically showing on a one-page chart a person’s career progression or development. A typical career map will include a person’s: Job progression over time List of important transferable skills that they acquired at different times in their career to help them advance Pertinent information [...]

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How Do You Move Through Your Day?

I know that you move, in that you get from one day to the next (hopefully), but do you really move through your day? As defined by the dictionary: Move(verb): to pass from one place or position to another: to prompt, actuate, or impel to some action Move is a verb - an action word. [...]

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Professional Presence 2

Professional Presence is an amalgamation of any number of leadership skills that are personal, and very vulnerable in both exposure and growth and are also public in developing relationships at a variety of levels in the workplace. Let’s break this down, what is the square root of Professional Presence? PART ONE: PROFESSIONAL More than a [...]

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Leadership Development Programs: Where Do I Start?

Think about the company you most admire, then consider what their leadership does, says, and creates. Maybe Zappos is your go-to company, or Apple. Both have innovation strongholds, and reputations for leading in the marketplace. That’s one form of leadership. Maybe Disney popped in your mind, as they are famous for their service levels, for [...]

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Business Development for Introverts

It’s one of the biggest challenges introverts in business say they face: the sales process. There’s an old story floating around about what it means to do business development. Our mind fills with visions of an ethically questionable used car salesmen, or high-pressure “Act now!” scarcity tactics that must work, or else people wouldn’t do [...]

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