Even in the best of years most new year’s resolutions fail. We start the year with grand visions and loads of motivation, flowing with the fresh energy that a new year brings. That energy typically wanes about mid-month and is completely discarded by February.  However, this year I think we can all agree, is not a “normal” year.  Across the globe we are still coping with Covid and all that comes with it (mask wearing, social distancing, sadness, anger, etc).  And yet, there is still the fresh energy of a new year.  A critical year to decide where we will go next.  That gives an opportunity to set the bar – not pie in the sky, as in “new year, new you”, but much, much lower.  Instead of resolutions this year, try a theme that can permeate your life.  It gives you a singular standard against which you can measure your thoughts, actions and decisions.  For example:  Be Well.   For every challenge you face, you’ll only need one question:  Is this in line with my theme?

In February, you are invited to take some time, and focus on you.  Not with the idea of losing a ton of weight, exercising every day, eliminating sugar from your diet or giving up wine. The invitation is to spend 40 minutes once a week, for three weeks to create some awareness around your body, breath and ability to balance. All physical practices that can be incorporated into your daily routines..

We’ll explore your alignment and how you hold yourself on a day-to-day basis. When you are out of alignment, smaller muscles kick in to do a job they’re not meant to. Thus, inviting injury and tension into the body. Let’s release and relax and allow your posture line to do it’s job, not your tight shoulders or tiny toes!

We’ll practice using your breath to energize, calm and relax you – as well as buy you time to think. Most of us exist in fight or flight mode longer than we should. We are constantly plugged in, multi-tasking and running on empty. We know we are doing it but we don’t know how to fix it or where to start. We’ll begin with the breath and learn to influence the nervous system based on your situation.

We’ll create awareness around your ability to balance and explore how fundamental it is to any movement. The ability to balance, as we age, is critical to long term health. We’ll give your feet some love and explore the foot/ankle complex to improve coordination, joint stability and reaction time.

Each session will be fast paced, experiential, and jam packed with information that you can carry with you each day and if you let it, affect how move through this world.

This year, lead with your wellness. Use you mind and body to pave the way forward.

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