Consulting Services

Nesso Strategies brings more than 2 decades of profitably guiding law firms through people, process and performance challenges of all kinds.

Strategic Planning

Building and implementing a strategic plan is key to success, and we help in both the design and the execution of your strategic plan. Beginning with an analysis of your firm’s strengths and weaknesses, including internal and external forces, we move through the process to define areas of opportunity. We collaborate with you to develop goals and action items for your competitive advantage. We evaluate effectiveness and efficiencies in your current structure and make recommendations for increasing productivity in management, firm structure, and business development.


Beginning the process of building a team is different than accelerating performance of an existing team. We listen first, understanding the challenges you have, then develop a plan to bring the team together and provide experiential training with actionable takeaways. We may employ an emotional intelligence tool as the entry point to build interpersonal relationships. This may be a values based tool called TILT365, or a communication and conflict tool called the Strength Deployment Inventory. We believe exploring emotional intelligence is a key to maximizing participation and cohesiveness in workgroups and teams, building trust and accountability along the way.

Strong teams run strong organizations, and strong support teams maximize productivity and effectiveness. We partner with our clients to achieve both.

Meeting Facilitation

Whether you are looking for an educational or social event, we provide interactive and experiential learning for your retreat or offsite meeting.  We assist law firms, non-profit boards, and government departments in establishing strategic goals; building timelines to develop and achieve them.

Our dynamic facilitation skills guide the planning process so your program is tailored and delivered at the highest possible level for success. Consider us for your next meeting with possible topics of: Strategic Planning, Leadership Development, Accountability, Teambuilding, Practice Group Goal Setting, Change and Stress Management.

Client Relationships

Whether you are looking for client feedback on individual matters or the overall service level of your firm, we tailor client satisfaction surveys and client interviews to capture reactions and responses you can act on.  We interview your clients over the phone, in person, or through paper surveys and compile summaries with action items you can implement to deepen your client relationships.

We build client service teams and coach their leaders to develop strong deliverables and deepen the client relationship.  We examine and evolve processes to create structure and expectation for client needs.

Succession Planning

Our current demographics demand attention to the shift in leadership. We have far more retiring leaders than possible next-line replacements, so attending to succession and ascension planning is critical to the legacy of your business. With 10,000 Baby Boomers retiring each day until 2028, and not enough Gen X’ers to replace them, how are you approaching your transition of knowledge, expertise, client service, and client relationships? We partner with you to individualize this process, identify necessary skills to train and develop in your next generation leaders, and examine your focus for the ‘what’s next’ as you look ahead.


We educate on the economy of inclusion, train personnel to understand unconscious bias, and assist leaders in developing a diversity strategy for retention, talent acquisition and multi-perspective problem solving.

We advise our clients on building an inclusive culture – both to improve the bottom line and their corporate citizenship. We develop D&I policies and strategies for evolving your workforce and your culture.