The public sector is very different than the private sector. The attention to career and personal development is focused on contribution and growth of the individual for their advancement inside the government. The opportunity to raise self-awareness and foster teams and leaders is much greater when the driving force is collaboration and efficiency. We bring corporate best practices in leadership and team development to your government setting.

Services for government:

  • Leadership and team development and growth;
  • Speaking on topics of well-being and leadership;
  • Coaching leaders and high potentials to advance skills (bi-weekly sessions that focus on existing patterns of behavior and thought to change outcomes and improve results);
  • Coaching teams and groups.

Government Contracting

We provide leadership-focused training throughout our programs, focused on our expectations of delivering high quality content that move your department or team forward. We bring our years of experience with our values of accountability and trust to guide your training toward the end goal you desire.

We accept p-cards, credit cards, and EFT payment options.

Communication & Conflict Management

  • Strength Deployment Inventory (SDI): Develop communication and conflict management skills in engaging training sessions with our licensed SDI facilitators.
  • Depersonalize Conflict:  Learn to successfully manage interpersonal hurdles that limit performance at all levels.
  • Team-Building:  Maximize effective participation through interactive activities developed to explore group dynamics so you can do more, in less time, often with fewer resources.

Diversity & Inclusion Training

  • Unconscious Bias:  Build awareness of cognitive processing preferences to develop an inclusive office culture.
  • Diversity Metrics:  Create a strategic diversity plan and/or an inclusion initiative from your relevant quantitative data to invest your time and energy where you need it most.
  • Economy of Inclusion:  Generate support and participation in your inclusion initiative by integrating the value of diversity into your operational outlook.

Leadership Development

  • Emotional Intelligence: Enhance personal awareness of the impact and influence of leaders and managers through one of the licensed tools we offer.

  • Managing Change: Understand individual responses to change in addition to organizational level tactics for smooth change initiatives.

  • Coaching: Establish and exceed goals with tools and support structures designed in forward-focused, individual and/or team sessions.

Management Consulting

  • Strategic Planning:  Build and implement short and long-term goals, including tactical and strategic direction.
  • Board Facilitation:  Enhance organizational meetings and retreats with dynamic, client-focused assistance.
  • Accountability:  Create structures that encourage individual integrity as well as organizational reliability and consistency.


  • Work/Life Balance:  Redefine “balance,” learn to intentionally engage technology as well as when to say “yes” or “no” through interactive discussions.
  • Stress Management:  Alleviate stress by understanding how it happens.
  • Mind-Body Connection:  Address the impact of negative self talk and the value of empowering language in experiential learning activities.

Codes & Past Performance

PSC Codes:

  • R499
  • R799
  • U001
  • U002
  • U099

NAICS Codes:
541618, 541611, 561110
541612, 541990, 541614

Past Performance:

  • City of San Diego

  • Utah Transit Authority

  • CalOptima

  • Marshall Gerstein & Borun

  • Perkins Coie

  • Jackson Walker

  • Association of Legal Administrators

  • Indiana CPA Society

  • National Association of Health Underwriters