You have been one of the “forces for good” that I have experienced in the legal community.  While I may be borrowing one of your taglines, I have really appreciated all that you brought to ALA.  Your presentations are outstanding…standing in for Elizabeth Birch from the Human Rights Campaign…simply Wow! And you are able to support the business side of managing a law firm, support individual personal development needs, and support DEI efforts.  You are such an important part of this group! 

M. Piilola

Judy is a fantastic executive coach who cares deeply about her clients and not only helps them achieve their established goals and outcomes, but also creates a lasting and trusting bond with individuals.

In addition, Judy designs meaningful developmental sessions for teams that expand mindsets and further strengthen the team’s psychological safety. Her willingness to take teams “beyond” training is unique and very rewarding.

Talent Development Manager, Finance Industry

Judy facilitated two strategic planning sessions I attended.  The first one was in an association to which I belong.  Judy did such a great job, we brought her to our office to facilitate one for our team.  As a facilitator, Judy has an exceptional ability to cut through the “fluff” and bring the group back together so we can focus on the real issues.

As a motivational speaker, Judy engages with the audience in a way I’ve never seen.  She doesn’t just recite her presentation to the audience; Judy takes the conversation and incorporates it into her presentation.  She uses real-life examples that are presented in a way that inspires the audience and can be used in everyday situations. I always leave Judy’s presentations uplifted and motivated.

 I chose Judy as a coach after attending many of her presentations.  I knew Judy would listen, observe and ask me hard questions to force me to speak my truth; no matter how challenging it would be for me.  Although coaching is not therapy, Judy works with you as a whole person, not just the person you are at work.  She has helped me to bring balance at home as well as more confidence in my position and work.  Judy’s thoughtful candor, excellent judgement and complete discretion creates positive results. 

Lisa M.

Not only did we find your shared insight extremely thought-provoking, but you also provided an extremely safe space in which we could be ourselves, examine our own biases.

M. Harrison
The feedback from our training has been positive, and left our staff with either a greater sense of self or an increased awareness of their need/desire to look within. The experience was great!
D. Dettmann
Judy, I simply love the direct way you present anything you are speaking about, but also I learned a lot more than I ever thought I would. And I learned it in a very fun manner.
S. Atwell
I am in awe as to the proof that what you teach is actually used as new and typical/atypical instances come-up during our work lives!!! Every corporation needs a Judy Hissong.
T. Sevcik
You planted a number of invaluable “seeds” with our group that I hope will germinate and help us as we move to our new office space and beyond.
K. Anderson
After 28 years in this profession I know a good speaker. And Judy is good. I leave her sessions feeling revitalized and capable of anything.
E. Langston
I want to compliment you on your talents at summarizing and weaving together all of the sessions. You have a knack for speaking and including humor in your presentations!
S. Ward

I am impressed with your ability to tie in other speakers that morning and the culture of our organization into your presentation.

Jo Ann S.
Judy is a phenomenal presenter. She is specific and expansive with her messaging and clearly knows the legal environment, which is a vital component for a successful session.
A. Blanton
Judy – you did a great job this weekend. In 27 years of firm retreats, I have never been inspired to write a note to the facilitator – so you are first. J I admit that when I saw the topic on the notebook, my expectations were low. The beauty of your leadership was that we focused on the challenges facing our business, but in a very constructive, unemotional and non-threatening way. Thank you for your excellent service and for creating an environment that allowed us to have some hard conversations and yet no one went home angry. Kudos!
C. Ernst
Judy helped us stop and think about how our values play a role in the daily stress of personal relationships, as well as conflicts in our workplace.
J. Taylor
Judy Hissong was engaging and informative as she used her enviable energy and experiences in the world of sports to provide insight on effective law firm leadership.
B. Bennett
I used to think coaching was for other people. Once I moved past that notion and we started our work together, several breakthroughs happened in my life. The Interpretive Guide exercise helped me understand myself better at a core level. The resource material is a tremendous reference tool. Through our ongoing calls, I’ve developed more intention and direction than I previously expressed. Our time together was a worthwhile investment in myself. I’m confident the clarity will serve me well in the future.
S. Morris
I can really say that your programs had a profound effect on my life, and I try to think of things I’m grateful for every day.
L. Glass
If you have the chance to procure Judy to speak, go for it…and be sure to keep her for a whole day! She’s that good.
Patty S.
Your little exercise—so simple but completely illusive to me—came at the right time. Unbelievable. Thank you.
K. Steinberger

I attended a training session where you had us write on three cards, three goals and you mailed them to us one per month.  One of mine was to stop thinking so much about saying the perfect words because by the time I think it out in my head, the moment has passed and the people at the table are talking about something else and I miss my chance to share my insight.  I have been so much better about speaking up and not planning out my words.  Thank you for bringing me that level of confidence.  You truly make an impact in my life.

E. Christman
I gained a deeper understanding of who I am and a greater sense of what I bring to this world.
Kris O.
You are the lasik vision surgeon of the soul!
Donna W.
Judy, you are da bomb! Thanks for allowing me to see the obstacles I put in my own way.
Caroline R.
The old saying comes first to mind—when the student is ready—the master will show up.
Kim G.
I love the direct way you present and I learned a lot more than I ever thought I would…and I learned it in a very fun manner.
Susan A.
Judy is very knowledgeable and comes across as the expert of these subjects. Very personable and great to listen/learn from.
Lauren S.

I enjoyed the balance of physical activity, mindful activity (presence, meditation), and motivation that I received from Judy’s session. It helped give me some perspective on what and why I’m doing what I’m doing.  That she is going to send reminder cards to me to keep on track with the goals I set during her session—that is priceless.


Earlier this year I did a leadership training and I have to say that I think I got more out of your presentation in one hour than I got from the full day training.

Michelle G.

We love having you in person as you fill the room with energy and manage to uplift all participants. This alternate style of presentation was awesome too and your shining personality was ever present.

J. Kennedy

The EYPP course material could not have come at a better time with this right around the corner.

Emily K.

I was glad to have an education on adapting and dealing with change. It helped me to help others through this (and of course rather quickly).

Jessica B.

The opportunity to meet you, get to work with you and access to your guidance have always lifted me up and provided a new perspective.  I truly appreciate you.

Gigi W.