The Persuaders | Anand Giridharadas

This book was one we chose as a book group examining our beliefs as a mechanism to unpack our hidden biases, particularly racism. The stories Mr. Giridharadas brings forward are both eye-opening and revealing to some events that are commonly known, and some that aren’t. If you are on the path of understanding yourself and [...]

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Pay Up: The Future of Women and Work | Reshma Saujani

Reshma begins her book with the frustration and confusion of the catchphrase “having it all” and interprets that for women as “doing it all”. For moms reading this, it will sound like your life. For men, and particularly dads, an eye-opening reality that includes statistics around “the great resignation” that are sobering for women leaving [...]

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The Soul of Money | Lynne Twist

What if you had a life that required no money? If everything was a communal existence, with the structured currency being love and interdependence? That is where this book starts, and Lynne Twist writes a great book that infuses stories with personal examination. Her chapters on scarcity and sufficiency dig into that concept of “enough” [...]

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The 4 Stages of Psychological Safety | Timothy R. Clark

In my continuing quest to understand how to best help organizations build belonging, I added this book to my previous read “The Psychological Safety Playbook” to deepen my understanding of the concepts and process. I really enjoyed how Mr. Clark defines the 4 stages and offers visual representation of each. I would have liked him [...]

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Mentoring 101 | John C. Maxwell

Earlier this year I read another of the 101 series by Maxwell, which I also recommended. This time Maxwell is talking about mentoring, a very easy read on how to mentor others. And the short answer is in his acronym - BEST. Believe in them Encourage them Share with them Trust them There’s a lot [...]

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The Right Call | Sally Jenkins

Ms. Jenkins has a lifetime of sports reporting that she culls into seven principles behind great decision-making: Candor, conditioning, practice, discipline, culture, failure, and intention. This book is a great read for a sports fan, with many stories only a reporter would have access to tell. A couple of significant statements worth pondering: Discomfort and [...]

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Attitude 101 | John C. Maxwell

I’m a long-time fan of Dr. Maxwell’s work on leadership. And, part of that admiration is because he writes books like this that are basic introductions to topics, this one being a very short and specific guide to attitude. “As a leader, you cannot ignore the attitudes of the people you lead…” That is not [...]

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The Art of Persuasion | Bob Burg

Mr. Burg's book is geared toward the sales professional, so reading it through the lens of an internal leader provides a lot of insightful opportunities along with components that aren't directly applicable. Thankfully, it is written with self-effacing humor and stories that anchor his concepts and provide a pleasurable read. Essentially, his book is focused [...]

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The Song of Significance | Seth Godin

I have followed Mr. Godin’s work for a long time now and enjoyed his perspective on the world of work and beyond. This book has a great quote on the back - “The purpose of a beehive isn’t to make honey. Honey is a by-product of a healthy hive.” And therein lies the content of [...]

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My Grandmother’s Hands | Resmaa Menakem

This book is about the racial complexities in America. Well, that's not quite true. This book is a fantastic tool in the journey of understanding and healing the racial trauma that lives in our bodies after generations and generations of bias and discrimination. Resmaa approaches this work as a trained trauma therapist and writes each [...]

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