Wired to Resist | Dr. Britt Andreatta

Dr. Andreatta addresses the brain science of why change fails and offers a new model for driving success. This book was a very practical science-based approach to positively impacting change. I really enjoyed her layman’s explanation of the research and the case studies and practical examples of applying her work to the business world. Anyone [...]

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Dopamine Nation | Anne Lembke

Anne takes us on a technical journey through the neuropathways of addiction – some we know like alcohol, drugs, and sex – and some we don’t. The more discreet ones capture my attention – reading, exercise, and cold water. She addresses how we have built a society addicted to pleasure, and the balance between pleasure [...]

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Imagine Belonging | Rhodes Perry

Rhodes has done it again! Imagine Belonging is a guide to cracking imagination about changing organizational culture. The pairing of content with exercises makes this a bookshelf reference guide to embed belonging in the culture of your organization. Rhodes offers both a framework that is easy to follow, and resources that will elevate your knowledge along the [...]

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Leading without Authority | Keith Ferrazzi and Noel Weyrich

The authors start out by saying that leading without authority is the twenty first century organizational model. That’s a bold statement, and is further declared as the first book to codify a new set of work rules, specifically that co-elevation is the difference maker for organizations in their way forward. They explore 8 rules that [...]

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The Difference Maker | John C. Maxwell

Disclaimer: I have been reading John Maxwell’s books as long as he has been writing them - and that’s a very long time. I enjoy his writing style, which is actionable and succinct, and his focus is always on being better. In this book he’s talking about attitude, and how our attitude impacts our [...]

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Our Search for Belonging: How Our Needs to Connect Is Tearing Us Apart | Howard J Ross

Mr. Ross opens the book with these questions: “Why is it that we are drawn so strongly to identify with groups, how does that impact us, and what can we do about it? What is this thing we call belonging and why is it so important to us?“ He explores these questions through politics, [...]

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Thank You for Being Late: An Optimist’s Guide to Thriving in the Age of Accelerations | Thomas Friedman

I was drawn to the title of this book and was even more appreciative of the lessons offered. Mr. Friedman describes his book as "one giant column about the world today" and I agree. He aims to define the key forces driving change and how to cushion the impact. He covers Moore’s Law, meditation, [...]

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Biased | Jennifer Eberhardt, PhD

As I opened this book, I was immediately captured by the science element of it. Dr. Eberhardt approaches Biased with brain science and story, a delightful learning combination. “Implicit bias is not a new way of calling someone a racist. You don’t have to be a racist at all to be influenced by it. Implicit bias [...]

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