The Anxious Lawyer | Jeena Cho and Karen Gifford

I really like the format of this book, and in full disclosure I'm a fan, verging on stalker, of Jeena Cho and her work with lawyers and law firms on mindfulness. This book walks you through 8 weeks of meditation practice including everything from finding the right cushion to sit on, to worksheets that give [...]

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Tom Peters’ Compact Guide to Excellence | Tom Peters and Nancye Green

Mr. Peters opens this book with a reminder that in 1970 corporations dispersed 50% of profit to shareholders and 50% to employees and other capital investments. In 2012 91% went to shareholders, and only 9% to employees and capital development.  This book Mr. Peters’ most recent attempt to remind us that humanity is the center [...]

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The Psychological Safety Playbook | Karolin Helbig and Minette Norman

The authors have done a brilliant job of breaking down psychological safety into 5 plays. Each play is a section of the book and is broken down into several smaller tasks, each one with action items and the section concludes with other reading and reference materials to go deeper in that topic if you choose. The book [...]

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Healthy Leadership: How to Thrive in the New World of Work | Lee Colan and Julie Davis-Colan

The Colans have written this book in two parts: Leadership principles and Leadership practices. I found the book to be very inspirational, with a lot of easily implemented suggestions. For instance, consider having a different conversation with yourself,  “You can go 3 weeks without food, 3 days without water, and 3 minutes without oxygen. But [...]

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Chasing Daylight: How My Forthcoming Death Transformed My Life | Eugene O’Kelly

Along my path I hear about books that people are reading, and often are recommended to me.  Mr. O’Kelly’s book was recommended by a practice group leader at a retreat I facilitated.  This book is about the time between Mr. O’Kelly’s diagnosis of glioblastoma and the end of his life. His determination to apply his [...]

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Solving the Procrastination Puzzle | Timothy A. Pychyl

Procrastination is defined by the intention-action gap and Dr. Pychyl's approach is to give key phrases to open each chapter so change is readily available for all of us. The structure of this book makes it easily digestible practical and grounded in research as told through stories. I enjoyed the exercises he offers in each [...]

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Leadership is a Relationship: How to Put People First in the Digital World | Michael Erwin and Willys Devoll

These authors address Leadership through the eyes of relationship in seven different areas: Accountability, Forgiveness, Resilience, Trust, Coalition-Building, Loyalty, and Stability. They use stories in each chapter to bring the concepts to life and have a summary box at the end of each chapter to remind you of the key points they are making. This [...]

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RESPECT: An Insight into Attorney Compensation Plans | Brenda Barnes and Camille Stell

This book is written for lawyers and firms looking to understand the foundation of compensation plans, and build something that is successful in their firm. The complexity of compensation is made simple, and I encourage any lawyer thinking about their career path to ownership to read this for a better education on how compensation can [...]

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What If… | Dr. Steve Robbins

Dr. Robbins has written this book so it is short, digestible and relate-able. Each chapter is a very quick 5-7 pages of a story that makes you think about some concept in your life, followed by a series of questions for you to look inward, question what if and do an activity. The book is designed to be [...]

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Wired to Resist | Dr. Britt Andreatta

Dr. Andreatta addresses the brain science of why change fails and offers a new model for driving success. This book was a very practical science-based approach to positively impacting change. I really enjoyed her layman’s explanation of the research and the case studies and practical examples of applying her work to the business world. Anyone [...]

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