How would your career be different if you had an objective, confidential, trusted advisor on your team?

Throughout life we face obstacles and challenges. These present themselves in a variety of ways, and we sometimes overcome them with ease, and sometimes we are uncertain how to champion them. Athletes have employed coaches for years with significant success. Consider your coach a partner in a thought provoking and creative process, with built in accountability, to amplify your success.

We coach high performers who are ready to:

  • Lead others more effectively for higher productivity;
  • Improve self awareness, communication and accountability to advance your career;
  • Build relationships that generate more clients while advancing current client loyalty;
  • Gain perspective to manage the day-to-day with more balance.

Are you ready to maximize your personal and professional potential? We are ready when you are. What will your legacy be?


We begin with an inventory – depending on your specific need, we have inventories for you to complete that focus on you and your life. As your Coach, we focus on your growth and forward movement. We are curious and questioning, and you are the expert and hold all the answers needed. We explore values, communication styles, and goals, whether you developed them or have been provided them by your employer.

We understand high performers have intense schedules. Homework assignments from each session fit into your day in incremental sizes because small shifts lead to big changes. We combine short term wins and sustainable solutions for long term success. Because we know challenges aren’t limited to our time together, we are available between sessions for in-the-moment obstacles and questions.

Each session is confidential and focused on your goals. We are transparent in our process, and in our conversations, building trust and rapport with our clients.


Coaching is similar to personal training. A personal trainer guides you from exercise to exercise while you do the work. Over time you transform your body into the shape you desire. The level of work you put into it provides the level of result you achieve. The strengths you build will benefit you throughout your life, and your career.

In our coaching relationship it is much the same, except that we work on the mental and emotional levels, not the physical. We will guide you from station to station that we establish so you achieve the outcome you desire.


Are you stuck in moving initiatives forward? Feel you have room to develop your leadership skills? Desire to improve your interpersonal skills? All of these are great starting points in the coaching relationship. We work with managers, attorneys, and key staff to develop personal empowerment, self-esteem, and decision-making with authority.

Every client relationship is confidential and individualized. We design our coaching relationships on your preference – in person, on the phone, or with video conference.