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Last month we introduced Grizzle, a relatively new employee who stirred conflict in you as a time drain in the complaint process. This month we have Fizzle, who has moved up in your organization over nearly a decade of employment. You’ve been her champion along the way, appreciating her growing skills but never directly [...]

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Conflict: Lessons for Grizzle

Grizzle has reported to you for a few years now. They started out as a great addition with a keen eye toward broken processes in the systems of your team, which was useful because their predecessor had been with the organization for more than 2 decades. Two decades of humming along without questioning or [...]

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Thank You for Being Late: An Optimist’s Guide to Thriving in the Age of Accelerations | Thomas Friedman

I was drawn to the title of this book and was even more appreciative of the lessons offered. Mr. Friedman describes his book as "one giant column about the world today" and I agree. He aims to define the key forces driving change and how to cushion the impact. He covers Moore’s Law, meditation, [...]

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Feeling Generous?

In a Columbia University study, managers were subliminally exposed to words that were either rooted in cooperation (mutual, shared, collaborator as examples) or competition (winner, loser, opponent as examples). The managers who saw the cooperation words were much more likely to share knowledge and resources than their "competition" word colleagues. We take in so many [...]

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I'm feeling it - are you? I have days where I'm angry about this virus--or angry about the limitations that have resulted from it. And, I also feel hopeful.  So stumbling on this St. Augustine quote really struck me - "Hope has two beautiful daughters: Anger and Courage." My anger is about the way [...]

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Biased | Jennifer Eberhardt, PhD

As I opened this book, I was immediately captured by the science element of it. Dr. Eberhardt approaches Biased with brain science and story, a delightful learning combination. “Implicit bias is not a new way of calling someone a racist. You don’t have to be a racist at all to be influenced by it. Implicit bias [...]

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Feeling Testy

In the last week, I have had three very different conversations, with one very common theme: testing. So and so is a nice person, that's where it starts. Maybe you've started there too. Then, the butt happens. We stick our rear end out and disrupt the niceness with a tester, which sounds like this: "but [...]

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The Outward Mindset | The Arbinger Institute

I have been studying mindset as a leadership component for a few years now. I’ve been creating context in my own mind around growth and fixed mindsets. This book created another layer in the inward and outward mindset. If you, and your organization, are looking for a practical approach to being other-centered, this book [...]

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Stepping Out

It's been two weeks since the last newsletter and the amount of unrest and injustice happening hasn't diminished.  I've been reading and watching to understand racism and white privilege so I understand more about myself and ways I can get into action. Nesso Strategies was built on a platform of world domination for Good™, [...]

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