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World Domination for Good Judy understands leadership and teams. And, she knows how to help you maximize the potential of yours. For over two decades, Judy has applied her vast knowledge of team dynamics, emotional intelligence, work/life balance, leadership, and finance to help organizations improve their people, process, performance and, ultimately, profits.. Learn more at www.nessostrategies.com.
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THE STARFISH AND THE SPIDER | Ori Brafman and Rod Beckstrom

Hard to believe this book is over a decade old, and the principles are finally applying across all sectors (hello legal!). These authors are addressing the nature of decentralization – moving away from a traditional hierarchy and into an open system. This provides agility and scalability because the “red tape” has been removed. Starfish grow [...]

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Volunteerism and Succession

Ten thousand people turn 65 today.  And again tomorrow. And again every day for the next decade. Maybe you are one of them? Maybe you are watching all that institutional knowledge leave your organization with each new retirement. Either way we know there is a gap happening between those retiring and those that remain. We [...]

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Being a Confident Managing Partner

Gaining confidence as a managing partner comes with experience.  And if you are new to this role, you probably want to be the best you can be – right now.  Good news!  Allowing your confidence to shine through involves more than experience.  There are strategies you can employ immediately to appear more confident, even as [...]

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HOW WINNING WORKS | Robyn Banincasa

“...winning requires an entirely different mind-set than not losing.”  Winning is more about character than finish time, and Robyn talks about teams that win through her stories of ultra-races and her firefighting career. Two quote worthy statements from the book: the best teams share their strengths and weaknesses, and inspiration comes from showing your teammates how [...]

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Think Before We Speak

My father often used this phrase in our house as he confronted hurtful comments we directed at each other. Recently I was doing some 360 interviews for a coaching client and found the conversation back in this same phrase. The leader was referring to her office whiteboard and this acronym she has posted to help [...]

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Our first awareness of intelligence comes during the schooling process where our intelligence is graded over and over.  Our minds develop technical skills, which we hone with advanced education and rely on as we secure our first jobs, and advance through our career. This time of year, I’m often flooded with conversations about how so-and-so [...]

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This book is fascinating to read in the references of addiction as it applies to technology. One fact (and I’ll save the rest for you to discover yourself): “70% of office emails are read within 6 seconds of arriving. It takes up to 25 minutes to re-immerse yourself in a project.”  This book changed my approach [...]

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Results or Behavior?

Accountability has become an overused buzzword.  I hear it as a mechanism to measure performance - are we accountable to our goal? I hear it as a feedback tool - I expected you to achieve/solve/develop that. I'd like you to consider how accountability bifurcates - it's about results and behavior. While we are comfortable measuring the result, are we equally [...]

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Killing Your Culture (with Kindness)

Culture is that thing growing in your petri dish, aka your organization, whether or not you are investing in it. We measure culture at the organization level, looking at the top leaders to shape and drive the values that are desired for success. Recently there has been much more attention at developing values and strategic [...]

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DO LEAD | Les McKeown

Les has written a very compact book on building leadership through his defined four styles: Visionary, Operator, Processor and Synergist. What's fascinating is to apply these styles to the growth cycle of my business and consider where I need to grow next to propel my business forward. If you are focused on your business, you [...]

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