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Liz is a PhD. candidate with expertise in multiculturalism in the contemporary United States. She brings targeted knowledge on the recent shifts in the U.S. demographics, changing global attitudes, and the impact this has on her clients. She partners with firms and organizations to devise diversity and inclusion strategies that fit both their values and goals.

Building Inclusion 3.0

Stereotyping is often something you “accuse” someone of. That’s a heavy, negative verb for a sensitive subject. Yet implicit bias — the subject en vogue for HR, leadership, and training and development — is remarkably similar and openly discussed. Where’s the line that separates these behaviors? What creates the difference? Both refer to the mental [...]

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How to Recognize and Combat Unconscious Bias

Law firms face mounting client, moral, and political pressure to have demographically representative offices, attract the best talent, and reflect both their customers and potential jurors. Their diversity efforts, however, may feel stagnant. Although putting in their best efforts, there’s little or nothing to show for it. You echo the popular lament, “We look for [...]

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Creating a Plan for Diversity and Inclusion: A Step-By-Step Guide for Your Firm

Think of diversity and inclusion as a Rubik’s cube. Acknowledging and meaningfully integrating different forms of social difference — such as race, gender, sexual orientation, or even age — is a multi-dimensional, tiered puzzle with myriad interconnected parts. When considering the various pieces that make up a successful diversity and inclusion initiative in the workplace, [...]

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Beyond Boxes

Life is messy. Boundaries blur between work and life, to-do lists grow while emails pile up next to news feeds, updates from family, and tweets from friends. People wear different identities as they cross these boundaries throughout their day and shift into different roles. I selectively adjust who I am to fit a set of [...]

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Do You "Fit?"

"They aren't a cultural fit." How often have you used this language to describe a candidate that you didn't hire? What exactly does it mean? Maybe you also use it after a termination, "They weren't a good fit." My confusion remains the same - what do you mean? I came across a clarification of this [...]

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I read something that got under my skin this morning. Recent data proves that until a particular group makes up 30% of an organization, it is unlikely that their views will be heard. My inclusive self is disheartened. The return on investment to listen and meet the needs of the smallest groups may not immediately [...]

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A House Divided

I recently attended a luncheon educational event, and the room was like every other I've walked into. You've probably been here too - tables dotting the space, each half full, and - for lack of a better word - segregated. That word has history, doesn't it?Segregated. Ouch. It conjures images of Martin Luther King, fire [...]

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Comfort Zones

I like to push myself outside my comfort zone. Well, “like” is a strong word. I don’t actually like it, in the moment at least. But, afterwards I appreciate the experience - and find it addictive. Case in point, I’m fresh out of the mountains. I took a “vacation” and backpacked 55 miles through the [...]

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Building Diversity and Inclusion Success for Your Law Firm

CLICK HERE TO TUNE IN to this important podcast and get proven tactics that you can put to work in your firm. It seems that law firms have more questions than answers when it comes to diversity and inclusion issues these days. What is your firm’s diversity strategy and why should you have one? How [...]

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Talking Code…

I've spent the last couple of days thinking about gender. Various news reports and annual studies crossed my desk either analyzing data, evaluating 2013, and/or making projections for 2014; and, something struck me. I think for most of us, the buzzword "gender" is actually a code word for "women." What's the situation for women, how [...]

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