I’m not sure if it happens to anyone else, but it sure does happen to me. The Olympics have left a sense of hope and excitement in my soul…again. I remember when they shifted the games to every two years, essentially toggling between summer and winter in a way that provides a more consistent appearance on TV (or so I imagine the decision was based on money, not sport). The consequence was delightful, as we join together in celebrating these athletes representing our country, and cheer on underdogs from around the world. I’m renewed, even in the morning after the women’s hockey team kept me up and cheering til very late.

And then I wonder – what would happen if we were cheering on the folks on our teams? The very people who we interact with every day, who contribute to the success of our companies – do we cheer them on like they are Olympians? What role could each of us play in developing the contributions of our colleagues so everyone was performing at their best? What skills can you add to your toolbox to motivate and inspire those around you? I encourage you to consider elevating your professional presence – bring out your inner Olympian, so that you can challenge your teammates and hit that medal stand together.