Elevate Your Professional Presence | Next Session TBD

From communication and relationship issues to conflict and change management, you face challenging situations every day. What if every day could be easier?

It can be. You just have to know where to start.


  • Disrupt your current habits and behaviors
  • Handle difficult situations with confidence
  • Leverage your values to be a more effective leader
  • Develop relationship-building strategies + skills


The interactive classes will meet every other week over 12 weeks in small groups online. Discussions will be recorded, so you can review the material or watch at your convenience.

In-Depth, Interactive, and Actionable:

The first two sessions explore your professional presence foundation: your personal values and behaviors, as well as the values and culture of your organization.

The remaining four sessions focus on group interactions that build on this foundation–incorporating topics around change, strategic thinking, accountability, and conflict management.

Dig Deeper: Add One-on-One Coaching

(2) 45-minute private sessions after the class to reinforce the material and create an implementation plan.


Elevating Your Professional Presence focuses on developing your leadership style and understanding how to advance change. Additional modules include exploring your values and emotional intelligence. We wrap this up with discussion about incorporating accountability in your development, as well as those you influence. These modules include:

Explore your values, and examine different skills inside emotional intelligence

Evaluate your dominant style and practice new styles
Understand how change is processed individually, and how to influence it in your organization
Appreciate the contrasting approaches to conflict, and discover new approaches to handing it
Develop higher accountability for yourself, while leading others to their own accountability


Elevate Your Professional Presence | Next Session TBD

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“Judy is awesome. She always makes me think about how I can do my job more effectively, and the session was no exception. Extremely valuable information and very interactive.”

“The exercises and particularly the individual homework assignments helped me to better understand my personal style and identify where I needed to make changes. The personal coaching sessions were eye opening and extremely effective.”

“This course really made me think about what I am doing and how I am doing it. I gained some insight into things I need to do differently and how to approach them. Having a partner for homework really makes me responsible for keeping up my end of the bargain.”