Disclaimer: I have been reading John Maxwell’s books as long as he has been writing them – and that’s a very long time. I enjoy his writing style, which is actionable and succinct, and his focus is always on being better. In this book he’s talking about attitude, and how our attitude impacts our lives.

He begins by reminding us that the people you want to hire are neither unhappy or unemployed. If the qualifications look good, but they are one or both of these, be cautious. The reason here is that your ideal self (and candidate) is the combination of competence experience and attitude, in that order. The book has several good points to ponder, including the relationship between decision making and decision managing. Hint: making is the easier of the two.

One activity of the book is to give yourself 30 days to expect the best of everything – parking spaces, customer service, restaurant tables, and the people in your life. Watch what happens. Then you understand how attitude enhances your life. There are other throughout the very short book, stretching and growing you if you pause to reflect along the way.

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