I have followed Mr. Godin’s work for a long time now and enjoyed his perspective on the world of work and beyond. This book has a great quote on the back – “The purpose of a beehive isn’t to make honey. Honey is a by-product of a healthy hive.” And therein lies the content of the book—how do we create healthy hives? One of his early points is to be revolutionary in your approach is inconvenient, and on the edge, and ultimately the difference maker. Another significant point he makes is that our new world of gamification has reinforced extrinsic motivation, which is being built into our learning path at a young age. So, in the world of work, to expect intrinsic motivation to “get ahead” is a non-starter. And we are now growing more and more attached to the dot on the floor instead of the relationships that create a healthy hive. These are only two points in a powerful book of takeaways.

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