The authors have done a brilliant job of breaking down psychological safety into 5 plays. Each play is a section of the book and is broken down into several smaller tasks, each one with action items and the section concludes with other reading and reference materials to go deeper in that topic if you choose. The book opens with communication, a lifelong quest for leaders to explore and improve. There won’t be a lot you haven’t read in some other leadership book, and I still found it very motivating and inspiring in the tone and the. Practicality. In the section on “manage your reactions”, I appreciated the reminder that “no, but” is a natural state if left unchecked – and it brings forward judgment and negativity. Activate the “yes, and” in your team meetings to bring everyone along in building fun and creativity.  One other nugget is the notion of a blameless postmortem instead of a debrief. Of course, that means we add a premortem, where we assume the project is a disaster and name where it will fail. If these nuggets are calling your name, pick up this book. You’ll really enjoy it!

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