Mr. Ross opens the book with these questions: “Why is it that we are drawn so strongly to identify with groups, how does that impact us, and what can we do about it? What is this thing we call belonging and why is it so important to us?“ He explores these questions through politics, race, religion and the media. While the book is written right after the 2016 election, I find it even more appropriate today. “People are more invested in their world view than their view of the world” is one reminder he brings forward for those who can bring some curiosity to the polarity of our lives.
At times, the reading is heavy in science, and others in story with application of that science. “Transformational change occurs only when WE understand why we do the things that we do” is another quote that caught my eye. Mr. Ross reminds us about Wilson, the source of belonging for Tom Hanks in Castaway, only re-emphasizing how strong our desire is to have this sense of being part of community, even inanimate objects count! If you are curious about how we can create more connection, I highly recommend this book.

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