The subtitle of this book is ‘how mindful leaders can transform chaotic workplaces’. I think his principles apply to chaotic ‘times’ just as well. Cue a pandemic.

There are many great points in this book, ultimately a conversation about the benefits of mindfulness on leadership. If you weren’t interested in quieting your mind before, Mr. Williams will challenge you in ways that will definitely get you considering it! Two points captured my thinking:

  • There is a direct correlation between self-awareness and good leadership. Not that this is new, but his approach to guiding more self-awareness captured me.
  • An inverse relationship exists between empathy and power. High power people are rooted in their own perspectives, more attached to their opinion and idea and less able to listen to others. That translated (to me) that the more we cultivate power the less likely we will have creativity, collaboration, and innovation. Think about your organization and these three elements of longevity in a time of crisis.
  • Mindfulness practices lead to higher engagement levels, and that starts with leaders.

It’s a good read with each Chapter ending in key points and a link to more resources.

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