Mr. Burg’s book is geared toward the sales professional, so reading it through the lens of an internal leader provides a lot of insightful opportunities along with components that aren’t directly applicable. Thankfully, it is written with self-effacing humor and stories that anchor his concepts and provide a pleasurable read. Essentially, his book is focused on positive persuasion so others take positive action. Manipulation is about control, not cooperation. Persuasion is about enhancing the self-esteem of the other party. People respond better when treated as responsible, self-directing individuals. To sum up the text to one theme: Make people feel good about themselves by responding not reacting, by relating not dismissing, and with consistent authenticity. One particular thinking point: “Tact is the inspired language of strength.” I recommend this for a business book that is a great vacation read. After all, there are lots of customer service opportunities while you are away from home!

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