We’re so happy you’re here! Let’s get started!


We’ll meet for an hour weekly, starting May 8th at 9am PST, via video conference. There is no class May 29th.

Over the 4 weeks, you’ll learn:

  • What coaching is and isn’t
  • Powerful questions to ask that keep people engaged and off the defense
  • Roles of a coach and how to transition between them
  • How to listen actively and effectively to understand what’s not being said
  • Language that prompts better answers and deepens the learning


Prior to the first class:

On the morning of the first class:

  • Have your Pre-workbook and Session Workbook available for reference
  • Login to Zoom! by following the link you received via email


What is Coaching?

Using your pre-course assessments, we will explore what coaching is and isn’t. We’ll also explore powerful questions to ask and limiting beliefs that hinder growth.

Roles of the Coach

There are five different components of coaching. All five can be part of every coaching session, but sometimes you’ll only need 1 or 2 for an effective session. We’ll show you how determine the best strategy for the situation.

Listening and Language

Listening skills are critical in good coaching and the three levels of listening will be reviewed and practiced. We will also explore how language (words and tones) impacts receptivity in coaching.


Set yourself up for success!  We’ll go over next steps and how to get the most out of your new skills