If your accounting manager was shaving money off into their own account each month – would you terminate immediately upon discovery?

If your receptionist was taking home firm silverware every day and not returning it – would you terminate immediately upon discovery?

If your project has a team member that has checked out of their assignment, leaving the team to cover them and do more work – would you terminate immediately upon discovery?

My guess is the first two are yes, and that last one gave you pause. We are so committed to the technical skills as our measure that we lose our values in the tolerance of the behaviors. In this question above, how do you think respect is being maintained in this team? How do you think collaboration is being fostered? And perhaps most importantly, how much judgment is being cultivated in this team? Remember what we tolerate we encourage.

I’m not suggesting we arrive in a quick-to-terminate place, I am wanting you to be aware of how you handle the hard conversation that calls someone into the team without waiting or working around them. Remember your relational skills set you apart as a leader. Invest in them, and watch your values anchor your organization.