Simon Sinek is the author of Start with Why.  You may also have seen one of his TED talks on the same subject.

Mr. Sinek talks about the marketing strategies used to sell, and the difference between those companies who sell with their what, and those that sell with their why. Huh?

What you do – law firms talk about that a lot. We provide the best legal advice. We have cost effective solutions. How many firms say this? How do you connect with your clients through this statement of your deliverables?

Maybe your firm has advanced into the circle and you incorporate your how into your language. How educated your lawyers are, how your service is amazing, and how you are looking out for your client’s checkbooks. Again, how many of your competitors espouse this language?

The real differentiator is your why. And having a clear understanding of what your firm believes, and then using your how and your what to relay that information is the short path up the mountain of opportunity. You will attract the clients who resonate with your beliefs, and who doesn’t want to be around others who are like themselves?

The challenge for you is to invest in revealing your beliefs, your values, and your vision. It’s not about the size of your firm, it’s the alignment of these three that provide a competitive advantage.

Once you define your why, behave accordingly. Be accountable and authentic in your communications, your actions, and your relationships.  For more on this subject, check out this TED talk.