Recently San Diego opened our beaches for swimming and surfing. This was just after a period of time where the bioluminescence caused the water to glow in the hours after sunset. This beautiful glow is the production and emission of light from organisms, especially algae, which are also associated in the daylight with what we call red tide. Likely more familiar to you, red tide means no swimming. The water is discolored and filled with algae. Interestingly, both of these are equally stinky and dangerous to humans. Yet, we photograph the bioluminescence and share the beauty and walk away from the red tide.

I remember arriving in California and expecting the water to be as warm and clear as it was in Florida. (It isn’t.) I remember arriving at my first coaching session expecting to be told what I needed to work on. (I wasn’t.) Both of these experiences provided me an opportunity to walk away or to think about it another way. My choice. And, that is how coaching works. A coach is trained in listening and asking — helping you reach past how you see the red tide, to show you the bioluminescence. That’s where the magic happens.

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