I don’t remember how I learned to ride a bike. I do remember, ever so clearly, the day I decided I didn’t need training wheels. It was right foot on the bumper of my dad’s truck, left foot on the bumper of my mom’s car, and a push off both. Bike went forward, Judy went backward, and mom drove me to the hospital for the necessary sutures. Training wheels give us safety in learning, give us confidence before we go further, and allow us to feel the breeze in our face that we will grow to crave in riding our bikes.

What training wheels do you have for your employees? For yourself? You do hard things, you do new things, how do you build your skills in a slow and sustainable way…so you feel that breeze in your face without the sutures? Now translate that into training opportunities for your team, and please consider cross-training and collaboration in that process. We need more time together, now more than ever.