A lot of loss in our musical history this year, with Prince being the most recent to exit his final stage left. While we reminiscence about our relationships with him, we also think back to our favorite songs, and to our lives when his songs were flowing off our tongues in car rides and dance floors. The music he created will certainly live long past us, and I have had my own pause to consider my life, and his music. How the notes work together, whether they know it or not, to create the beauty we enjoy.

Prince was a master of multiple instruments, not something he accentuated in conversation. He was also a big contributor in writing music for others, in knowing that we all benefit when the creative expression is released in the world. I liken his approach to music as the masterful leader approaches a team. First, looking at all the instruments (or team members) available, knowing that the music is actually created in the space between the notes, and focusing on accentuating the strengths of the contributors. Listening first, allowing the silence to form the expression, to raise the important questions, to generate new ideas and allow the team to succeed. Then picking up an instrument and jamming right alongside the rest of the team. No one presenting more loudly than another, and yet all instruments have their moment to shine.

Moments to shine, collaborating throughout. How are you showing up in your team?