It’s fall.  Time for soups, and stews, cardigans and boots, scarves and coats. It’s the fabulous colors of change in the trees and chill in the air. Flavors showing up in how we build the stock, both in our soups and in our lives. Fall also marks the transition to holidays and the opportunity to reframe our very active lives with pauses for thankfulness and appreciation.

I’m expecting that gratitude feed in my Selfie-book (the big blue F) where people commit to appreciating one thing about their lives each day for the last 60 days of the year. What a concept. To actually voice your appreciation for life. Sounds funny when I say it that way, or maybe it’s just me?

This year I’m appreciating the wonderful opportunities to be in new places, see new faces, and celebrate evolution and advances in my individual and organizational clients. I’m breathing in change as Nesso evolves, including the launch of the new Nesso Strategies website.  If you haven’t been there, it’s more robust than ever, including a place for you to pose questions that are answered quickly on the site, or become the topic of this newsletter.

More than anything, I am grateful. All year long, even as I pause this coming month to celebrate.  I am grateful for the courage of all those who have brought me into your lives, who believe in my contributions, and who join in the #worlddominationforgood.