You may have missed it – over the weekend a 5′ 8″ guard set the NCAA Division I scoring record for women’s basketball. Kelsey Plum broke a 15 year record, setting a new standard (albeit temporary as the season isn’t over) of 3,397 points in a season. That breaks down to a 31.6 points per game average.

I’ve known Kelsey and her family since she was a young ‘un. I’ve played volleyball with her as she looked to round out her movement skills in the summer months. She’s a joy. And now in the record books. In a category of one. And she’s not slowing down.

Passion does that. Celebrate the achievement, then go back to the gym because your team is there, and the tournament is ahead. And you love the game.

Love the thing you do. Can you say that? What lights you up each day? And how do you share that passion with your team/practice group/firm? Leaders get up lit up, and then go look for places to light more fire.

I don’t know how far the University of Washington Huskies will go in the tournament, but I do know Kelsey Plum will motivate her team in every way she can.  Oh, and likely score a few points along the way.