A stroll through my kitchen for a refill of my water led me to overhear a meeting between my wife and a colleague. The question they were discussing was this: “Are you comfortable with imperfect movement on this project?” The response was, “let’s talk about that”.

I went back to my office and pondered the bigger version of that question – Where in my life am I comfortable with imperfection? And where am I comfortable with imperfect movement in my projects? I was uncomfortable with the honest answer – which was that I’m not good with imperfection, and it stalls me from moving forward – on a vlog, on a podcast, among other things.

How often are you convinced that something has to be perfect before it is rolled out? Before you present it to stakeholders? The more I thought on this the more examples arrived where projects stalled waiting on that perfect approach or the right answer. I hear it in my client conversations and feel it in my own life. How about you? What would happen if you moved forward 5% without knowing it would all be perfect? And if that gives you pause, it’s time to attack that habit.

I’m going to stretch myself into something completely unknown – therefore not skilled – and wrestle the perfection in me. I wonder if anyone would join me in a 4-week, 90-minute, watercolor class. I don’t have all the details, I’m being completely imperfect in this, feeling vulnerable and stretched in asking you to join me. Class size is 4, email me if you have interest and I’ll get details and sort out a time that works for everyone interested. Worst case, I’m doing watercolors and learning a lot about myself and my relationship to imperfection.