And then this happened…

Flight delay from departure city leads to 15 minutes from deplaning to departure of next flight. Pulse is thumping, backpack is loaded, sneakers are ready to go. Thoughts in my head include “move, people move” and “c’mon you can do this”, along with the usual doubt of making it. The deplaning process is longer than expected and I’m reduced to 9 minutes to move the roughly one mile distance between gates. I’m sprinting and listening to others in the airport shout “good luck” and “I hope you make it” as I use the people movers to advance my progress.

I recognize how easy it is to cheer for a stranger. How in the most challenging moments of travel, there are many who want success for me exactly because they have been there too. And, I wonder how we can all find more commonalities to cheer for. More. Not less. More. If you are traveling this holiday season, look for places to cheer on your fellow travelers, and how that cheering brings you to a better place too.

Happy Holidays!