Did you watch the last 18 days of winter sports called the Olympics? Did you see the amazing endurance of the cross country skiing and biathlon?  Or the artistry and focus of ice dancing and skating? The strategy of the mass speed skating race? I could go on and on, I enjoy the Olympics so much. And it was clear to me that no one is immune to languishing. Even these highly trained athletes who have rigorous schedules to prepare were struggling with mental fatigue that was beyond their sport. The commentators used words like, “It’s not like them to make this mistake…” and “I don’t know what they were thinking…”.

Have you used these expressions for yourself? Or your people? Remember all those hobbies you took up 2 years ago? That was your brain searching for flourishing, creating a space to continue your thriving inside a confusing and difficult time. Where is that hobby now? Most folks have pushed it aside and picked back up with routine. Let me encourage you again, find something new to play with, not to master, but to enjoy the experience. Share it with someone, in your firm or elsewhere in your life, to start building connection anew. It’s time to light the flame again, find laughter in your learning, and kindness in your community. Be gentle with yourselves, your inner athlete (corporate or otherwise) is craving it.