… bottles of beer on the wall (put that song in your head, you can thank me later) AND ninety-nine days left in 2015.

Ninety nine days left until this year is over. That sentence hit me hard as I sat down to review my goals for the year, and what opportunities are still ahead. Back up one day, make this easy math, and sit down with a hundred dollar bill on your desk. It’s yours. Imagine the glee or giddy sensation of contemplating how you will spend it. Now translate that to the opportunity for investment in the days between now and the end of the year – are you equally jazzed?

What goals did you set forth for this year?

Now is a great time to pull those out and see what is possible, build some small bites into these next few months and plan the achievement celebration at the end. Maybe you’ve already accomplished everything you set out to do, congratulations! How do you want these 100 days to go for you? Maybe it’s time to shift to another aspect of your life and clean up your intentions, or create new ones?

These ninety-nine days are going to happen, tic toc, tic toc.

One thing each day. One small step toward your goals, toward your next learning, what will it be today?