According to Harvard Business Review the average workday increased about 8% in the pandemic, or about 50 minutes per day. Emails were up about 5% per day and people had about 13% more meetings each day (although each meeting shortened by 12%).

I enjoy exploring our world of work through the data we gather about our behavior. However, this particular report has a gap – the necessary energy to switch concepts, knowledge, and approach when you move from meeting to meeting is a drain unlike any other. The cost of attending a meeting unprepared to participate is a measurement of your time, and your firm’s innovation. Simply put: are you contributing your best when you run from meeting to meeting?

As we enter the fourth quarter of 2022, and we finally find footing in our hybrid environment, now is a great time to claim your calendar back – create space between meetings for your personal comfort, and for preparation for the next meeting. And ask your team(s) to do the same. Changing the culture of your firm is as easy as shifting how you create and attend meetings.