Goal: a pair of posts linked by a crossbar; the object of a person’s ambition.

Recently the New England Patriots won the Super Bowl for a sixth time, an incredible feat for any sport! The path to that championship began the day after the last season concluded, as the players decided how they would dedicate their time to prepare for the season ahead.

I wonder how many of us set forth our goals for the “season” ahead? Most of us call it a “year” as we begin a new one. Some of us (including me” consider our birthday the brand new “season” as we look ahead. Why do we set goals?

It starts with our mindset. Those of us with a growth mindset about our personal development look to some incremental measure to achieve a new learning, project, or transformation – who we are is able to change and grow. Those of us with a fixed mindset about personal development aren’t interested in setting goals – who we are is who we will always be. And, at any moment we have a choice to change our mindset.

So as we wrap up another NFL season, I ask you about your season. What is your mindset about goal setting, and if you are growth minded, what goals are you claiming?