I’ve been an athlete as long as I can remember. Playing sports of all kinds, even ones that I’m not sure classify as a sport (marbles, for instance). A number of years ago, on my journey of self-exploration and creativity, I decided to learn to dance. In particular, I decided to learn to line dance at a local country western bar. It was an adventure, and a good opportunity for struggle, overcoming obstacles (knowing my left from my right), and learning a new language (dance speak). The instructor was a classically trained dancer who offered terrific cues for us as we learned the moves. I began to understand that some cues meant the dance was going to be full of turns, and thus harder for me, while other cues meant it would be simple for me to catch on. It was the kickball chains cue that most amused me – a great visual for my athletic brain to imagine playing kickball in chains as a swung my leg forward, and then back, and on to the next cue.

Fast forward more than a decade and a casual conversation between my favorite people where they are discussing dance moves. Wait, what? You mean to tell me it’s actually kick, ball, change? Ohhhhhhh, that makes so much more sense. And we laugh.

I wonder about the interpretive dance we all do when we are in a struggle, making sense of the surroundings (cues), and unaware that we have interpreted slightly off the mark. In times of crisis, the clear communication we offer our people avoids the interpretive dance. What can you communicate clearly today? Please choose something without chains!