We are fast approaching the celebration of the US Independence, aka Fourth of July. I have been wondering the value of independence in a different way – how independent we all claim to be, and want to be, and operate as such. I was driving this morning and almost experienced a collision as another driver ran his red light (my green light). This led me to think about the interdependent nature of traffic lights – we rely on each other to follow the rules for order and for safety. I wonder how much we consider others when we make our daily decisions that are rules-based, not law-based? We walk A LOT, especially over the past year. We have picked up trash from the people walking in front of us and form the path where no one was nearby. That’s interdependence. I’m here with you, beside you, and not separate from you. When you celebrate next week, consider how you might elevate your interdependence in this brand new year of the USA.