It’s that time of year – pumpkin spice has saturated our market and our waistline. In the middle of all the commercial noise of the holidays, I pause to reflect on the gifts of 2019, the places where I had growth and learning and success. In honor of the 10th anniversary of Nesso Strategies, here are my top ten for 2019:

  • 10 years of Nesso Strategies
  • Being selected for, and then playing for, Team USA in the 2019 Global Cup (winning the gold was BONUS)
  • Getting married and all the love and support of friends and family that were there
  • Partnering with great people and organizations to move the needle on world domination for Good
  • Launching a new course on the fundamentals of coaching
  • Olivia and Jake, two cats who act like dogs
  • Living in San Diego, even after 20+ years I am so grateful to be here
  • Kauai and Cabo – in the same year!
  • My health
  • You. The readers of this content, the followers of our newsletter, and the supporters of Nesso and Legal Leadership Institute.

So, your turn. What are the top 10 things on your gratitude list this year? Added bonus, share yours with me by December 1st for a free coaching session.