Worst sentence starter ever! And how often does it start your sentences?

I’m returning from my annual adventures at the USA Volleyball Adult National Championships where I competed with a new group of women. I begin training my body in January, because when the tournament becomes the most challenging (in the medal rounds), I want the advantage. At that same time, I begin visualizing how I will play. I’m running sprints on the treadmill while I see myself running down an errant ball from a teammate. I’m lifting upper body weights while pressing my arms over the net to provide a strong block.

So, when the chips are down and we are in the match that is win-or-be-knocked-out, I know I can. Unfortunately, I see far too many people who “can’t”. It’s a sinking feeling to be in the time out listening to teammates focus on what’s hard and what is happening on the other side of the net (with the other team). And, then we lost. And, they were all surprised.

What is hard? And, what role did you play in making it so? Whether we think we can or think we can’t…we are right. We are more attached to being right than anything else, so if it is hard in our minds, it will be. And, so it was. I encourage you to consider the places in your life where hard is important to you – and then, reconsider what would happen if that thing were easy.  A small and simple step toward I CAN!