A recent dialogue among a leadership team was about how to provide feedback to the next level leaders. The conversation evolved into how we rate effort in ourselves, as a path to rating effort in those we evaluate. Think for a moment about how much of what we expect of others’ lives in our expectation of ourselves. This can lead to difficulty delegating because someone else doesn’t do it “our way” or “as well as I do”.  We know it’s important to delegate anyway, to allow for others to develop (or utilize) their skills and deliver results for their own success. This leads to the consideration of what is good performance and what is good enough performance. Are you allowing, creating, or inviting good enough in your work product? In your relational skills? Is good enough how you evaluate your team? Good enough is getting by. Good is moving forward. Having the feedback conversation rooted in providing good value helps guide performance to higher levels.  So, is your team performing good enough or good?