In 1998 the psychology world began exploring what it would mean to have a fulfilling life after many years of focus on unhappiness and mental unwell-being. By the year 2000 more than 400 articles had been published on happiness, and how to achieve it. Most of those were focused on what to do to have the things that make you happy. By the year 2014 more than 10,000 articles were published….each month! This hyper-focus on the doing to have created a quest and a longing for happiness that persists today. The model has changed though, and we now know that our happiness is rooted in being, not doing or having. The challenge is searching out who we are, and surfacing that in the day to day living that challenges us to be beyond ourselves, and give in to group think and what the other person wants (so we can DO and HAVE more).

I challenge you to stick to your core values, to shine your light as you are and bring that forward for the world to see. And if you spot something in yourself that needs a fresh coat of paint, or a touch up or upgrade, dig in and remodel. Be your best self today, and then reflect tonight on what that meant for you, and how you feel as a result.