As we exit the busiest time for travel (holiday season), and enter the messiest for weather, I find myself with a little extra airport time while planes (or runways) de-ice and people get testy.  I’m sure you know what I mean, and perhaps have even felt that energy yourself now and again. In those moments of hectic and delay, the occasional extra act of kindness (“excuse me, I think you dropped your glove” – as I heard this morning) brings a smile to my face. In our humanness we connect. And it’s lovely. How do we treat ourselves in those same hectic and “delaying” moments? As you look around and notice the buzzword for 2020 is resilience, it is an opportunity to consider your self-compassion. Turns out that self-compassion is more important than self-esteem when measuring well-being. Taking care of yourself has more significance than believing in yourself, when measuring well being, and also when growing resilience.

    So, as you look at your 2020 goals, consider adding self-compassion for the mistakes, the misses, and the overreaches. That builds your immune system and your ability to have the difficult discussion and address the complexities of life. Start small and build big. We have a new decade in front of us!