By the time you read this there will be about 60 days left in this decade. I heard this last week at a conference, and I paused. What had I done in this decade? And what would I do in the next? You remember 2010, right? The year Instagram was founded. The northeast US experienced the first “snowmageddon”. Haiti was decimated by an earthquake. And the American Bar Association TECHSHOW was focused on social media.  Okay, so maybe somethings haven’t advanced much! When I was done reminiscing about all this, I looked forward. What do I want for the next 60 days, the last 60 days of this decade? Oh, there will be holiday gatherings and celebrations for the year, per usual. I also want to be strategic in setting new goals for Nesso and LLI, rebooting my meditation practice, and finding my next new thing to learn. Your turn. What will you do with the last 60 days of your decade? What’s important to complete, to start, and to celebrate?