Are You Ready To Revolutionize Your Leadership?

Leadership Development for Forward Facing Firms

Rainmaking is not a prerequisite for leadership. And Best Practices is another way of being Status Quo. We created Legal Leadership Institute to provide a forum for hands-on learning with your peers – a combination of focused attention on the challenges in your firm while networking with others who have ideas on how to solve your problem.

We bring legal leaders together to focus on:

  • Solving firm challenges including performance, people, and processes;
  • Understanding change, and how to facilitate change in your firm;
  • Professional presence, including self-awareness, communication, and culture;
  • Dealing with difficult people, including unproductive attorneys and staff.

It is our belief the bar must be raised for leadership skills in law firms, which benefits the individual, the firm, and the industry. And it is our purpose and goal to educate and elevate law firm leadership, one leader at a time.

LLI is designed to provide the knowledge and practical skills needed to equip current and future law firm leaders with the tools they need to succeed. LLI helps to ensure our law firm leaders, their firms and the legal industry become more successful in service to clients and furthering the profession of law, and in the business of law.