I’m a long-time fan of Dr. Maxwell’s work on leadership. And, part of that admiration is because he writes books like this that are basic introductions to topics, this one being a very short and specific guide to attitude. “As a leader, you cannot ignore the attitudes of the people you lead…” That is not a profound statement! However, read on in this book and consider the search for talent happening in your industry. “The winner’s edge is in the attitude, not the aptitude.” This nugget confirms that your future workforce is more about hiring for attitude and investing in the training process for proper aptitude. The complexity is how hard it is to identify attitude, and that’s where this book adds value — John gives us a list of characteristics to watch for — in ourselves and in others. The power of this little book is in one simple phrase — Attitude determines our happiness, acceptance, peace, and success. So, if you are struggling in one of those areas, back up to your attitude, and this book will give you specific places to look.

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