COACHING QUESTIONS: A Coach’s Guide To Powerful Asking Skills | Tony Stoltzfus

I've been a credentialed coach for more than a decade now, and a common question I hear is 'how do I ask better questions?'. Mr. Stoltzfus has created a reference guide that also serves as a skill building manual for those interested in advancing their questioning skills and explore coaching skills along the way. [...]

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“Emotional intelligence matched with strong leadership skills is extremely powerful.” Yes indeed, as is this book! Dr. Hankel addresses the challenge of emotions in a rational world. And, understanding our emotions allows us to regulate, which elevates self-awareness. I enjoyed the stories with statistics to back them up, which meant a very fast read. [...]

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TRIBE | Sebastian Junger

Two quotes to give you much to consider: “ societies become more affluent they tend to require more, rather than less, time and commitment by the individual, and it’s possible that many people feel that affluence and safety simply aren’t a good trade for freedom.” “As affluence and urbanization rise...rates of depression and suicide [...]

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I have been searching for the words to explain the contrast between my love of playing volleyball and my love of the world of work - same in some ways, very different in others. This book summed it up for me - in very tangible ways. Mr. Sinek provides very clear examples of how [...]

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SELF-LEADERSHIP | Andrew Bryant & Ana Lucia Kazan

"We are nouns, not verbs." Who we are is separate from what we do. Self-confidence is fueled by purpose and moderated by the ability to accept one's mistakes. The authors have created a dense, yet specific, path through self-leadership. There are a number of assessments along the way, designed to explore who you are, what [...]

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I stumbled on this e-book as I was introducing myself to the Kindle app on my iPad. The questions are built for journaling, it’s a working guide to the life you want, not the life you have. So, as we turn to cooler weather, and move indoors while the light shifts earlier in the day, [...]

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DARE TO LEAD | Brené Brown

“Our ability to be daring leaders will never be greater than our capacity for vulnerability.” This is Ms. Brown’s sixth book, and it’s another excellent read if you are interested in the research that supports vulnerability. In this installment, Brené brings forward the necessity of authenticity, vulnerability, and safe containers. Two points that particularly caused [...]

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THE POWER OF HABIT | Charles Duhigg

“Habits are technically defined as: the choices that all of us deliberately make at some point, and then stop thinking about but continue doing, often every day.” That statement was enough for me to be hooked on this book. Mr. Duhigg walks us through the steps to change a habit and also ones to build [...]

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THE LEADERSHIP MOMENT | Michael Useem + Warren Bennis

Mr. Useem does a great job of taking nine real events, telling the story of each of them, and then debriefing the leadership moments throughout the event. Whether you believe leadership is a calling, or doing the right thing, or making a difference, there is a story here for you. It's an easy read and [...]

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