Permission <---> Forgiveness

I was engaged in conversation with a new manager who was frustrated with his team. "I don't get it. I give them all the room in the world to innovate their roles, to complete their assignments. Yet they come back to me with everything. I know the last manager wanted to see everything before it [...]

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Collaborating and Conspiring

Our team focuses on our objectives, our processes, and our outcomes. We gather in meetings to check in on each other’s assignments in an around-the-room reporting style. Everyone hears what everyone else is doing. Sound like your team? Sounds more like a bunch of people gathered to report on projects, not a team. So, the [...]

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Volunteerism and Succession

Ten thousand people turn 65 today.  And again tomorrow. And again every day for the next decade. Maybe you are one of them? Maybe you are watching all that institutional knowledge leave your organization with each new retirement. Either way we know there is a gap happening between those retiring and those that remain. We [...]

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Think Before We Speak

My father often used this phrase in our house as he confronted hurtful comments we directed at each other. Recently I was doing some 360 interviews for a coaching client and found the conversation back in this same phrase. The leader was referring to her office whiteboard and this acronym she has posted to help [...]

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Results or Behavior?

Accountability has become an overused buzzword.  I hear it as a mechanism to measure performance - are we accountable to our goal? I hear it as a feedback tool - I expected you to achieve/solve/develop that. I'd like you to consider how accountability bifurcates - it's about results and behavior. While we are comfortable measuring the result, are we equally [...]

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Olympic Measures

I’m not sure if it happens to anyone else, but it sure does happen to me. The Olympics have left a sense of hope and excitement in my soul…again. I remember when they shifted the games to every two years, essentially toggling between summer and winter in a way that provides a more consistent appearance [...]

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Hey Goalie! Let’s Score…

A Harvard Business study revealed that 14% of people who have goals are 10 times more successful than those without goals. AND, the 3% with written goals are 3 times more successful than the 14% with unwritten goals. We have a determination, some would call a resolution at this time of year.  I’ll do better [...]

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Entrance and Exit

The truth about career paths is that you enter….and you exit. As the saying goes – life is in the dots. During those “dot” years an important consideration is succession planning, yet very few professionals pause to create intentional paths to their own successors. The legal industry is struggling right alongside so many others, with [...]

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Millennials are the Future – Today’s Followers Are Our Next Generation of Leaders

Millennials are the future. Without them we have no future. That’s a literal, yet powerful statement. I discussed in a previous post how many Generation X’ers and Baby Boomers have become good at labeling different behavior, or perhaps more accurately behavior we don’t understand as a result of a person belonging to the Millennial generation. [...]

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Deloitte and the Bechdel Test: Shifting Gender Sands

It’s 2017, a decade past the Great Recession, and our workplace discussions are dominated by generational concerns, change management, and profitability. Leadership has become a measured part of profitability, at least in some industries, and corporate America is being challenged to equalize the opportunities and compensation among all people – inclusion has replaced diversity. Deloitte [...]

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